Direct Marine Fuel is always clean because we load for each days deliveries every morning.  Fuel does not sit in underground storage tanks, mixing with sludge or moisture only to then be pumped into your boats tanks. As a result, your filters, lines and injectors remain cleaner longer.


As boat owners ourselves, we understand how hard it is to keep your boat in tip-top shape. Because of this we take the utmost care when working on and around your vessel. We use only non-scuff marine grade hoses and wear only soft soled sneakers to make sure your boat looks as clean when we leave, as it did when we arrived.


*** Premium off-road diesel.

*** With hoses over 250 feet long, we can reach just about any boat at any marina. If not, special arrangements can be made.

*** Fuel treatments & stabilizers also available

*** Winter lay-up and pre-launch fills are available on land.


DIRECT MARINE FUEL delivers high quality diesel fuel for all types of vessels. Our services are designed to benefit boat owners, marinas and charter / fishing fleets throughout Long Island. Our fuel is always clean since we load for the days deliveries each morning. Fuel does not sit in storage tanks mixing with sludge and moisture only to be pumped into your boats fuel tanks.


We Save You Time


No more hassles at the fuel dock because we come to you. Boats are fueled on-site directly from a Direct Marine Fuel delivery truck staffed by experienced specially trained personnel. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED TO BE THERE. Just tell us how much you need in advance and you'll be ready to shove off by the time you arrive at the docks.


We Save You Money


We cut out the middle-man. Fuel is delivered from the terminal directly to your boat.


DIRECT MARINE FUEL..."Fueling Every Need"